Princeton professor sues music industry association

Publishing research results via digital access technology sdmi is "fundamental for the progress of research"

Lawyers for the electronic frontier foundation (eff), along with edward felten, filed a lawsuit today in new jersey against the recording industry association of america, the secure digital music initiative (sdmi), watermarking company verance, and the u.S. Department of justice. With this, the plaintiffs wanted to are felten the right to freely publish his research results on the sdmi techniques.

Edward felten is one of the researchers who participated in last fall’s "hack sdmi"-competition of the secure digital music initiative (sdmi). This contest was supposed to be used to test possible techniques for secure digital music distribution. However, according to felten, his team managed to crack all of the mechanisms presented, with the exception of one poorly documented technology. Sdmi officials vehemently denied this, but at the same time put prere on felten to prevent the publication of his research results.

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Privacy labels for iphone and ipad: google will take you time

Privacy Labels for iPhone and iPad: Google will take you time

Actually, google is not lazy when updating his apps for iphone and ipad – regularly there are updates with new features and troubleshooting. But since december, there is no more popular applications such as chrome, maps, gmail, youtube or drive anymore. They remain on the old stand. At the browser chrome, the potentially could even result in the fact that the app has unknown security – the application was last on 23. Tested by google, a little eternity.

Duty to more transparency since the 8. December

Many of the google apps were last on the 7. December updated. This in turn is exactly one day before the official start of apple’s freshly enforced duty to publish so-called data protection labels. The idea is more transparency. Apps are intended to provide users in the app store preliminary information about what data is collected so that they can possibly refrain from downloadable.

The group shares the privacy information in the sections "data used to track your person", with the user "directly linked" as "unclear" data on. In the area "tracking" must app providers disclose the potential creation of user profiles for advertising purposes, which combines the information collected in an ios or ipados software with data from other apps or even websites and offline offers.

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3D models and printed accessories for household accessories in the miele shop

3D models and printed accessories for household accessories in the Miele shop

The household manufacturer miele offers only as a 3d print template available accessories now also as a printed parts in his shop. With the service, miele reacts to the rough response of customers and more than 66.000 downloads of print files for "clever everyday helpers".

The company has been published for about a year different designs as part of its 3d4u-kampange on thingiverse for free. There are ten designs facilitating the handling of miele vacuum cleaners and coffee machines. Some things are practical like a drilling dust extraction or a small parts separator for the vacuum cleaner. The soap bubble maker for the exhaust air jet of the vacuum cleaner is probably rather a gag for the children when dad sucks.

Similar helpers can be easily found for other vacuum cleaner brands or individually adaptable to thingiverse and similar 3d printing platforms.

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With regard to russia, nato urges georgia to join the eu

With russia in mind nato is pushing for georgia's accession

Jens stoltenberg with georgian head of government mamuka bakhtadze. Image: nato

As the comparison with venezuela reveals, nato secretary general stoltenberg is continuing the escalation course against russia in georgia

On the occasion of a manover of georgian troops with nato units, nato secretary general jens stoltenberg visited georgia. Stoltenberg took this as an opportunity to describe georgia as a "unique nato partner" calling georgia a member of nato and pointing out that in june 2018, at the nato summit, the 2008 decision that the country should become a member of nato was confirmed (nato urges georgia to join eastward expansion). Georgia is praised for providing the largest number of non-nato soldiers for the afghanistan mission, for participating in the nato response force, and for showing that cooperation is progressing.

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Scholz continues to believe in international digital tax

Scholz continues to believe in international digital tax

Federal finance minister olaf scholz calculates despite the us outlimoration of the talks about a digital tax with an international agreement. "All negotiations are always up and down, before and back", said scholz the stuttgarter newspaper and the stuttgarter news (saturday). "Important is that you do not make up and drain. And that’s exactly what we do."

Negotiations continue

The digital taxes should focus mainly of rough american technology corporations such as amazon or google, which pay too little taxes in individual markets with their business model according to critics. On thursday, the us launched at least premier from the negotiations at the level of the industrialized site organization oecd. They demand that international taxation is reassigned as a whole – and threatened with retribution with one-sided maws.

Scholz stressed that france and spain had already introduced national regulations. "Everyone knows that one should better understand internationally on a common line – no matter how the current agenda of one or the other is just look." with a view to the choice of prassidal in the usa in the beginning of november, scholz said, ultimately, international politics was not bound to election dates in individual countries. "The topic is on the agenda, the negotiations in the context of the oecd continue."

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Care apps co.: federal government drive digital health care

Care apps  amp; Co.: Federal Government Drive Digital Health Care

In the care should be played more "digital helper" be used. The federal cabinet ignited a bill on wednesday "for digital modernization of supply and care". Human donation is the basis for good care, explained federal health minister jens spahn (cdu). Meaningful apps were able to help care for their everyday life better.

Improve health

According to spahn, digital care applications (dipas) can help to stabilize or improve their own state of health through exercises and training. For example, it is about reducing the risk for sturze, exercising the thought or improving communication between nursing professionals and religious. Nursing advice should also be extended by digital elements.

The government wants to create a new procedure for the possibility of reimbursability of care apps. For the inclusion, the federal institute for medicinal products and medical devices should be conditional. For the social care insurance, the cabinet expects to 2025 for dipas for 365.000 people with multi-editions of more than 130 million euros. The hour "unquantifiable relief".

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Cash: eurostases want to produce new munzes in the billions

Cash: Eurostases want to produce new munzes in the billions

Despite increased use of cashless payment options, the eurolander want to circulate 2021 euro munzes in a coarse style during the corona pandemic. The european central bank (ecb) approved the production of shopping in the total volume of just under two billion euros, including collector’s munizes.

That’s less than a year earlier. The central bank secured the 19 states with the community detention the ie of new euro munzes for the year 2020 in the scope of more than 2.1 billion euros.

Germany big munz producer

Munzproduction (pdf file) scheduled for the next year (pdf file) is a volume of 1482.9 million euros for the day-to-day use, there are collectibles in the scope of 499.3 million euros. Most money joys also wants to produce 2021 germany. At 658 million euros, the volume of europe’s large economy is revealing, of which 241 million euros are accounted for on collector’s munizes.

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Merkel’s austerity dictate drives europe further and further into crisis

Debt pledge: observers warn of a danger to democracy

The decision of the eu summit is clear: europe is to save heavily. Angela merkel has prevailed, her "fiscal pact" will come. The most important element for merkel is the so called "shell bead" "debt brake". For the signatories of the fiscal compact – all eu countries except great britain and the czech republic are participating – this means that they must stipulate in their treaties that their budget deficits will not exceed 0.5 percent of gross domestic product in the future. For angela merkel, who apparently sees herself as a kind of "european piggy bank" sees herself, this is "an important step toward a stability union". But, on the contrary, the situation in europe is being made worse by merkel’s "stability policy" only more unstable. The macroeconomic policy institute (imk) of the hans bockler foundation, which is close to the german trade union federation (dgb), warns against this.

The authors of the analysis explain that the debt brake is so popular and often talked about as exemplary because it is seen by many as the reason for the favorable conditions with which germany can finance itself on the capital markets. Strict regulations on new borrowing, the logic goes, would increase credibility in the financial markets, which in turn would lower interest rates on new loans.

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Pleading damage: production of the vw golf rests

Again poor news for the vw parent plant in wolfsburg: the damage to a sheet metal press forces the production of the vw golf to a standstill. "This has the consequence that the golf manufacturing will rest from tomorrow’s friday (early film) as well as on monday and tuesday. The employees have already been informed. When the failing layers are made up, is currently still in voting, "a spokesman said on request today.

The spokesman said, "the break of a connecting rod in the drive of a coarse press at the wolfsburg site led to a technical disruption in the field of production on the spade wednesday afternoon. Subarages of the downstream vehicle construction at the wolfsburg site can only be ensured by this technical problem only surprised with side panels for the bodywork."

A few weeks ago, a dispute with suppliers had also taken care of in the parent plant for massive problems to day-to-day production loss. The work in wolfsburg is considered the world-growing connection car factory. It produces more than 800 per year.000 vehicles, next to the gulf still the small suv tiguan and the van touran.

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Nationalists are in power in israel and iran

The re-election of ahmadinejad fits the concept of the hardliners in israel

With the re-election of iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad, peace in the middle east seems to be a distant prospect. Iran and israel are now opposed by nationalist hardliners who, for all their ideological differences, can make good use of each other.

nationalists are in power in israel and iran

Israeli head of government netanyahu in an interview yesterday with nbc: iran’s nuclear program is not only a problem for israel, but for the whole civilized world.

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